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How to enjoy Iheya Island


Snorkeling & skin diving

Mermaid leaf

​1 Only one tour group is welcome at a time!
Support and instruction from a female instructor


Iheya Ferry/Recreational Fishing Boat

MIU Marine

We operate a charter ferry service between Iheya and Izena and the offshore embankment, as well as a recreational fishing boat business.



Club Noho no Shio

Selected to be "One of the Best 50 Ingredients that Michelin rated Chefs use". A rare salt that recieves high praises.

World Salt Exploration Center
Salt Cruise

Materials and photographs related to salt and salt-making collected from all over the world by Mr. Matsumiya, a salt craftsman, are on display.


Gallery & experience facility

種水土花 (Shumidoka)

Recently opened as of May 2022.

A facility where you can experience making folk tools on Iheya Island.


Comprehensive tourist information

Iheya Island Tourism Association

Lots of recommended sightseeing information for Iheya Island. Check out the latest information on Iheya Island!

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